The Faxitron CS100 X-ray system is used for the inspection of surface mount circuit boards. The X-ray source is mounted in the lower portion of the cabinet. The X-Y manipulator table is used to position the circuit board over the X-ray source. The Image Intensifier mounted in the center tower sends a real time image to the monitor on the top right of the cabinet.

The goal of this project was to improve on an exiting cabinet design. The new design improved on many features and resulted in a pleasing and user friendly style.

Summary of Changes

  • Sloped and Lowered Control Panel
  • Sloped View WIndow
  • Flush Doors Panels
  • Balanced Gas Spring Door
  • New Storage Area
  • New Slide Mounted Printer Shelf
  • Improved Shielding
  • Redesigned X-Y Manipulators
  • Ergonomic Styling
The original cabinet design by another vendor at left.